Asbury Blue Acrylic Pen Holder Lucite Pen Stand
Lucite Pen Holder Acrylic Pen Stand Blue
Pen organizer stand white acrylic pen holder
Riverside Rose Acrylic Pen Stand Pink Acrylic Pen Holder
Pink Pen Holder Acrylic Pink Rose Pen Stand
Soho Black Acrylic Pen Holder
Soho Black Acrylic Pen Stand
Acrylic Pen Holder #9 Packaging

Pen Holder #9

An organizers dream, the JR William Pen Holder #9 keeps your table or desk clean and purposed. In sync with our minimalist philosophy we created a clutter-proof solution to the clutter-prone corner of our desk.

3.75" x 3.75" x 1.1" (hole diameter is 1.1cm)

Hand cut, assembled and polished

Organizes 9 Pens,Pencils or Sharpies™ 

100% Acrylic

Gift Box

Designed & Engineered in Queens, NY